Carmel Green Initiative is a coalition of citizens and community groups who promote and support the City of Carmel's commitment to reducing our impact on the environment and meeting the climate challenge.

Our goals include reducing energy waste, promoting clean, renewable, and smart energy solutions, and educating the public.

Our collective action as good stewards will improve the quality of life in Carmel, Indiana, and the natural environment of our world.

Our Mission

Carmel Green Initiative is dedicated to building a sustainable community through collaboration and partnerships with the City of Carmel, as well as Carmel schools, congregations, businesses, community groups and homeowners.

To create awareness and understanding of the connection between Carmel citizens and our impact on the environment so we may leave the world a better place.

To promote and support the City of Carmel's commitment to carbon reduction initiatives, as stated in the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement signed by Mayor Brainard.

To reduce energy waste and pollution, thereby cutting our dependence on fossil fuels, benefiting public health and saving money.

To inspire individuals to take small actions, which cumulatively can significantly increase the sustainability of our local and global resources.

We invite you to join us. There are many ways to get involved. Take Action

Our Board Members

  • Alexia Lopez
  • Meredith McCutcheon
  • Cindy Muse
  • George Schenetzke
  • Dennis Shock
  • Leslie Webb
  • Madelyn Zalon
  • Miranda Frausto

Advisory Board

  • Maddie Adkins
  • Elizabeth Baach
  • Karen Otis


Huge thanks to Richard Lopez for his help and expertse with the website!!!

Many thanks to Tommy Noe for sharing his expertise to troubleshoot and upgrade our website.

Thanks to past Board member, Margaret Stout, for contributing her talents and expertise as web designer.


CGI NEWSLETTER - December 2013


Members and Sponsors

Thanks to Carmel Green Iniaitive individual, family, business and non-profit members and sponsors for your support.

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