2010 Art Contest Winners

The Earth Hour - Earth Day Art Contest was created for Carmel Green Inititaive's Green Schools Campaign, modeled after Mayor Brainard's Veteran's Day Poster Contest and the Carmel Arts & Design Distrct's art contests  The contest is made available to CCS, private and religious schools, scout troops, nonprofit and religious youth groups and parents.

The Earth Hour - Earth Day Art Contest was made possible thanks to broad community support:

Thanks to our partners and sponsors for their support: City of Carmel, Arts & Design District, World's Smallest Children's Art Gallery, Blue Egg Art Gallery, Citizens for Greenspace, Joe's Butcher Shop, La Mie Emilie, Simply Sweet Shop and Borders' Books.

Many thanks to our judges for so graciously sharing their time and expertise:  Stephanie Marshall, Erika Woods, Valentina Shvyrkova, Ken McGinity and Lidia Stecher.  Thanks to Stephanie Marshal who also shared her expertise organizing art contest for the Carmel Arts & Disign District.

Special thanks to Bob Yull, Energy Manager for the Carmel school district, for his support and for printing the Earth Day Posters to raise awareness about energy conservation in the class room.

Thanks to the CGI Green School's Energy Subcommittee for their hard work to develop, plan and organize this community education program: Leslie Webb, chair, Adriana Guimaraes. Mary Ellen St. Angelo, Michelle Whited, and Bob Yull.  And we're grateful to the CCS administration's green team, Kim Barrett for review and approval of the art contest for Carmel Clay Schools.

A huge thanks to Beth Maier for her wonderful photographs below, and Judy Stamper for inkind donations from Healthworks.

Thanks to all students for their entries.  Congratulations to the finalist of the 2010 Earth Hour-Earth Day Art Contest! From the over 120 entries received, six were chosen as grade level winners.  Scroll down to see the winning artwork!

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(click on magnifying glass to see larger version of artwork):

Stephanie Ding, Prairie Trace, kindergarten Felicia Sanders, Smoky Row, 1st grade DW2