Green Schools Committee

All members of the school community including parents, students, staff and board members are invited to join the Green Schools Committee.  As part of the education process, you have an opportunity to play a unique role in enacting significant positive environmental and educational change in our schools and throughout our community.

The committee strives to work with schools to adopt green practices such as reducing waste, using eco-friendly products, reducing tailpipe pollution, implementing energy saving initiatives and recycling.  The Committee supports and encourages Green Teams at all Carmel schools by providing network and education opportunities.

Going green means saving money, using energy, fuel and other resources wisely, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and reducing our impact on the environment.  All this is to ensure the future health and safety of our children.

Actions taken by Carmel schools:

What the School District is doing
View the Carmel Clay Schools green initiatives based on information provided by Jeff Maidlow, Assistant Director, Facilities & Transportation, and Bob Yull, Energy Manager.

Adding a New Position to the PTO Board
View the position description for the Green Team Coordinator. You are welcome to use it if your board is considering adding this new position. Feel free to modify and adapt it to meet your needs.  We would appreciate any input and suggestions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Green Tips for your PTO Newsletter
View a list of suggested articles you can modify and adapt for your PTO Newsletter. These articles will help raise awareness about your green team, recycling efforts, etc.  The articles can also provide useful green tips for families.

Does your school recycle?
This summary provides a quick overview of recycling at Carmel Clay schools.  It includes paper, lunchroom, special events and other.

How does your school make recycling possible?
See how students, teachers, staff, and parents are pitching in!

Please tell us what your school is doing!


Green Schools Survey
CGI is conducting a survey to assess the level of interest in "greening" our schools.  
The survey includes 10 questions and takes 3 minutes.

Click  here to view survey results as of Dec 10, 2008


Recycling at School 
For most of us, the first step in going green means reducing our waste and recycling!  But before we talk trash, take a look at the compelling video - Story of Stuff.

Currently we are looking into implementing school wide recycling program that includes - paper, plastics #1 & #2, cardboard, metal cans, while raising funds for the school at the same time!


Meeting Schedule

    Community Room at College & 107th
    John W. Hensel Government Center, 10701 N. College Ave.


    Jan. 12         10am - 12noon

    Feb. 9          10am - 12noon

    Mar. 9         10am - 12noon

    Apr. 13        10am - 12noon

    May 12        7 - 9pm

    June 8          10am - 12noon

    July 13         10am - 12noon

    Aug. 10       10am - 12noon

    Sept. 15       7 - 9pm

    Oct. 12        10am - 12noon

    Nov. 9         10am - 12noon

Volunteer Opportunities

We would like to have 2 volunteers at each school as the recycling coordinators.  We also need help conducting the survey and researching various national green school programs.  We also need someone to chair this committee.

Please contact us for more information or to join the committee.