Carmel Green Initiative is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to building a more sustainable community. We believe cities that prepare for ongoing energy and climate challenges will be more prosperous, more resilient, and enjoy a better quality of life. To that end, we keep “green” on the radar and empower citizens and community groups to make a difference in Carmel.





our Fundraiser

We can build a healthier, more beautiful and sustainable planet, when everybody pitches in!  Join forces with others who are committed to a greener world.  There are a many ways to get involved!  You can help make a difference by volunteering for as little as 2 hours!


We are a coalition of citizens and business/community groups who promote and support the City of Carmel’s commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and meet the climate challenge. By joining, your membership will help raise environmental awareness to protect our quality of life.


Why support Carmel Green Initiative? We're fiscally conservative and work very hard to limit expenses. However, to remain sustainable, we need your financial support. Your generous contribution will enable CGI to continue "greening" our community.


None at this time.


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