International Negotiations
International Climate Negotiations, Paris, France
December 2015
Opening Remarks
Final Agreement
  • Dec 12 Draft  L9 - pdf
  • Investor & Business Coalition supports strong action
  • Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition
  • Climate Action Network cautionsly supports final draft
  • Draft Formally Accepted
  • South Africa: much work ahead; Nicaragua: agreement is not strong enough; Switzerland: historic, ambitious, flexible and fair; European Union: we must translate this agreement to action; Turkey: Turkish parliment will struggle to adopt this agreement; U.S.: we are all winners in this agreement; India: this agreement marks a new begining where commetments are fullfilled; St. Lucia: agreement is resounding triumph of multilateralism 1.5 to stay alive; Venezuela: gratitude to Pope Francis; Ban Ki-Moon: in face of unprecedented challenge, world has demonstrated unprecended leadership, current level of ambition is the floor, not the ceiling; African Group: This is a historical agreement; Equador: look to a future without fossil fuels; Singapore: This is an earth-shaken moment; Maldives: no one is immune from climate change; Philippines: Paris has given us 1.5 to thrive and survive; Columbia and the Latin American and Caribbean countries: This agreement was built by all of us and rises above the differences; Marshall Island: message for the world that we are all working together for a safe climate future; Panama and the Tropical Forest Coalition: this agreement guides the destiny of future generations and for the first time recognizes the world's tropical forests; Chili: we can not win without keeping fossil fuel in the ground; Bahamas: the issue of loss and damages is important to our nation, the focus is now implementation; Nigeria: with this agreement, the world stands in a better place; Samoa: this agreement is a partnership for life of the planet; Mexico: this agreement initiates a low carbon economy; Sierra Leon: we now have the audacity of hope; Bangladesh: more work needs to be done in implementation.
  • Climate Activitists Protest Outcome in Paris



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