2013 Art Contest Winners
Over 400 youth ranging from Kindergarten to 9th grade from 7 Carmel Clay Schools and 3 Girl Scout Troops submitted art entries in celebration of Earth Hour and Earth Day . Through art, youth create a friendly reminder to power-down, and learn about energy conservation and its important connection to caring for the environment!  Many thanks to all the artists for their masterpieces!


Thanks to art teachers and Girl Scout troop leaders for participating and inspiring our youth to become more environmentally aware and energy conscious.  Many thanks to our judges for so graciously sharing their expertise: Jerry Points from Eye on Art Gallery, Bob Shades from ArtSplash Gallery, Traci Pettigrew from Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation.

Winners were recognized by the Mayor Brainard and Carmel Green Initiative at the Carmel Clay Public Library. Schools recognized include: Carmel Elementary, Woodbrook, Orchard Park, Smoky Row, Prairie Trace, College Wood, and CHS.

Many thanks to Beth Maier for all these wonderful photographs!


During his administration, Mayor Jim Brainard has implemented a wide range of energy efficiency measures including a fleet of hybrid cars, a no idle policy for city vehicles, roundabouts, LED street lights, and much more.  Click here to see what the City of Carmel is doing to go green.


And the winners are...


Art gives our youth a voice, empowering them to inspire others to live sustainably. Here's what the finalists said about their artwork...


Kindergarten finalist, Greta Rose G. from Carmel Elem. said  "My artwork is inspired by my grandma’s garden....flowers need clean water and soil to grow."


First grade finalist, Carl O. from Carmel Elem. said "When people see my artwork, I want them to notice the words 'help the environment.'  I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because we might run out of energy."


Second grade finalist, Sneha V. from Woodbrood said "My artwork is inspired by the glaciers...how to save the glaciers from melting away and how to save the Earth’s beauty...if you help Earth, Earth will help you back in special ways...when we pollute it’s not just the Earth that suffers but us too."


Fourth grade finalist, Daniele W. from Prairie Trace said "My artwork is inspired by girl scouts. On one girl scout meeting,  the girl scouts each read a note card  about an animal or person that has made a difference. Someone read about a hermit-crab, and how they re-use shells.  For my picture I wanted something creative and special.  I thought "Hey, a hermit-crab is unique and a different creature to be a recycler." ...I believe these things are important because, by doing these small, simple things, it can benefit our community by so much."


Fifth grade finalist, Sophie S. from Carmel Elem. said "My artwork is inspired by my love to ride bikes...When people see my artwork, I want them to notice the bike so they know to ride bikes more often and not pollute by driving cars everywhere... we only have one earth."


Ninth grade finalist, Dana W. from CHS said "I was thinking about how to symbolize and express my feelings and inspirations about saving energy and the earth.  When people see my artwork, I want them to notice how people are working together to replace the incandescent bulbs with the energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and to protect the environment.  I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because it gives the later generations the opportunity to enjoy the earth as we do today."


And now it’s up to us to take action. What will you do?


Raising awareness about earth stewardship and energy conservation through art was made possible thanks to support from the greater community. A huge thanks to dedicated individuals for their time and talent: Alexia Donahue-Wold, Monica Cannaley, Katie Gao, Beth Maier, Stephanie Marshall, Cindy Muse, Karen Otis and Traci Pettigrew.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors throughout the community: City of Carmel, Carmel Arts & Design District, Carmel Clay Public Library, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, Alphagraphics, Whole Foods Market, Nature's Karma, Joe's Butcher Shop, Earth Day Network, Earth Hour World Wildlife Fund, Marie Reamer Fine Art Photography, Evan Lurie Gallery, Eye On Art Gallery, ArtSplash Gallery, Beth Maier Photography, Erika Woods Calligraphy, Carmel High School Green Team, and Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

Together, we’re building a more beautiful, healthier and sustainable community.___

* * *