2014 Art Contest

Over 900 youth from grades K - 10 and 19 schools and scout troops submitted eco-friendly artwork for the 2014 Earth Hour—Earth Day Art Contest.  Thanks to students and scouts for their amazing artwork and to the teachers, parents, and girl scout leaders for working with our youth on this important environmental education program.  This community education initiative draws on the energy conservation message of Earth Hour and the earth stewardship message of Earth Day to emphasize the important connection between saving energy, saving money and caring for our beautiful blue planet. We incorporate environmental educational content from E.P.A. Energy Star Schools to inspire youth to save energy through simple actions such as turning off lights, the TV, the computer and other electronics when leaving the room.

Winners were recognized by Mayor Brainard and Carmel Green Initiative on May 4, 2014 at the Carmel Clay Public Library. Participating adults include Rachelle Rodriguez, art teacher at Carmel Elementary; Cy Donnelly, art teacher at Orchard Park Elementary; Gwen Gaw, art teacher at Woodbrook Elementary; Patty Trimble, art teacher at West Clay Elementary; Catherine Ingram, art teacher at Prairie Trace Elementary; Stephanie Cline, 2nd grade teacher at Cherry Tree Elementary, Ann Trompen, art teacher at Carmel Middle School, Cindy Radaker, biology teacher at CHS, Angie LaBoyteaux, Prairie Trace Girl Scout troop leader; Marcey Zolner, Prairie Trace Daisy troop leader; Angie Swenson, Mohawk Trails Daisy troop leader, Ali Holmes, Mohawk Trails Daisy troop leader; Jennifer Jackson, College Wood Daisy and Brownie troop leader; Deb Thomas, Daisy and Brownie troop leader; Katherine Simons, Carmel Daisy troop leader, Deb Thomas, Smoky Row Daisy and Brownie troop leader, and Emily Lichtenberg, Forest Dale green team leader.



A panel of judges with an art and environmental background selected a semi-finalist for each grade from each school and girl scout troop. An overall district-wide finalist was then selected for each grade. Thanks to our judges for so graciously sharing their expertise: Jerry Points from Eye on Art Gallery, Bob Shades from ArtSplash Gallery, and Mike Normand from Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation. And the winners are...


Art gives our youth a voice, empowering them to inspire others to live sustainably. Here's what the finalists said about their artwork...


Kindergarten Finalist Sara J. from Collegwood Daisy Troop #2019 said "I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because fresh air makes us all happy and keeps us healthy."


First grade finalist, Sriyansh V. from Orchard Park Elem. said "My artwork is inspired by our planet.  When people see my artwork, I want them to see my bike because It keeps the planet healthy."


2nd grade finalist, Alexandra A. from Collegewood BrownieTroop #897 said "...The name of my artwork is Save Electricity and I was inspired by the earth and its beauty... I was thinking that people should notice all of the glory in the world and should save electricity to keep it that way....You should turn off all electronics and go outside to play. Being outside and enjoying the earth is more fun than watching TV and playing on devices..."


Third grade finalist, Sarah A. from Prairie Trace Elem. said "The name of my artwork is Save the Earth One Light Bulb at a Time, and was inspired by my art teacher, Mrs. Ingram.  I was thinking about all the energy that was wasted, but could have been saved....because in every generation, people should have the energy that they need."


Fourth grade finalist, Faith A. from Woodbrook Elem. said "My artwork is inspired by the natural beauty of our earth shown in the mountains...I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because the world is our home and we need to protect it."


Fifth grade finalist, Riley K. from West Clay Elem. said "The name of my artwork is A Life that Recycles. When I created my masterpiece, I was thinking of a working ecosystem...and all the different ways people are helping recycle in the community because it helps make the resources we have last a long time."


6th grade finalist, Mary C. from Carmel Middle School said "The name of my artwork is Caring Counts. When I created my masterpiece, I was thinking about the positive and negative results based on how we care for our planet.  I want people to notice the happiness and sadness relating to the current culture of our planet...because we need to protect what we have for the future of others."


Eight grade finalist, William Tippins from Creekside Elementary said "My artwork is inspired by stories I've heard of animals interacting with garbage causing negative consequences. I was thinking how I would feel if my pet were hurt by somebody else's carelessness. When people see my artwork, I want them to notice how happy the cat in the picture looks. It doesn't know any better than to put that bottle in its mouth. That's why it's so important that we keep our trash from getting there in the first place. I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because we, as humans, have the power to either help the planet or destroy it with our laziness. What legacy will we leave for the next generation?"


Ninth grade finalist, Kathleen Ho from Carmel High School said "The name of my artwork is Save Our Planet and is inspired by my concern for our environment...I was thinking one side is bright, depicting nature with blues and greens and animals in their habitat, and the other side is dark with smog, skyscrapers, toxins in the water and pollution everywhere.  I want people to notice the contrast between the two sides...because if we don’t pay attention to our urbanization, it can really harm our Earth, and it’s important to have balance between preservation of nature and urban development."


Tenth grade finalist, Alison Breeze from Carmel High School said "Hopefully people will think about the choices they make and possibly make better ones for themselves and the environment.  I want people to notice the way they do things and possibly how they might want to do things better...Saving energy and protecting the planet are important because the earth is going to be destroyed if we keep doing the same things we are doing now and not changing how we care for it."


And now it’s up to us to take action. What will you do?


Many thanks to Our Partners, Sponsors and Volunteers!

Raising awareness about earth stewardship and energy conservation through art was made possible thanks to support from the greater community.

Many thanks to Stephanie Marshall, Monica Cannaley, Madelyn Zalon, Alexia Donahue-Wold, Cindy Muse, Karen Otis and Key Club volunteers Cynthia Yue and Tobin Cassa who helped log, scan and hang the artwork in time for Earth Hour.  Special thanks to AlphaGraphics for sponsoring the ‘green’ printing, Evan Lurie Gallery for providing the drop-off location, and to our exhibit host sites: the Carmel Clay Public Library, the Monon Center, and Muldoon’s in the Arts & Design District.  A huge thanks to Beth Maier for all the awesome photos and Whole Foods Market for healthy, organic refreshments!

Thanks to our partners and sponsors throughout the community: City of Carmel, Carmel Arts & Design District, Carmel Clay Public Library, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, Joe's Butcher Shop, Earth Day Network, Earth Hour World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Protection Agency, Marie Reamer Fine Art Photography,  Eye On Art Gallery, ArtSplash Gallery, Beth Maier Photography, Erika Woods Calligraphy, Carmel High School Green Team, and Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

Together, we’re building a more beautiful, healthier and sustainable community.

* * *