Environmental Excellence Presented to CTRWD

The  2012  Governor’s Award for Environmental  Excellence for Greening the Environment was presented to Clay Township Regional Waste District (CTRWD) on October 4, 2012. IDEM Commissioner Thomas Easterly presented the award during the 20th Annual Conference of the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts in Plainfield, Indiana. CTRWD has worked to become a leading environmental steward in the sewer business through the launch of several environmental programs and initiatives. These initiatives include the creation of a wildlife friendly habitat at its wastewater treatment plant,  an  extensive outreach  program  for the prevention of fat, oil and grease (FOG), moving to a paperless system in its accounting and collections department, and purchasing high-efficient equipment well above national standards.

CTRWD partnered with the Indiana Wildlife Federation in 2010 to plant 17 acres of native Indiana prairie grass, flowers, trees and plants at the wastewater treatment plant to become the only Level 3 Certified Ecosystem Steward treatment plant in Indiana. CTRWD’s goal is to promote the preservation, enhancement, and restoration of wildlife habitats, especially in urban and suburban areas of Carmel and Zionsville, Indiana.

CTRWD created the Fat, Oils and Grease (FOG) Outreach Division to reduce the harmful effects of fats, oils and grease on the sewer system and the environment. To facilitate this effort, CTRWD attends  area festivals, distributes  free grease prevention promotions, includes  informational inserts in the monthly billing statement, conducts school presentations and offers plant tours.

The use of natural resources has been reduced through the e-bill program, paperless accounting software, paperless payroll, and a company-wide recycling program. CTRWD has committed to plant a tree for every 100 customers that enroll in the e-bill program.

CTRWD has reduced energy consumption by upgrading the air conditioning unit, furnace, water heater, and lighting with  equipment that is  well above the national standards for energy efficiency. The  lighting at the  wastewater treatment plant was upgraded environmentally friendly LED lighting which contains no mercury. They  produce more lumens per watt, create substantial energy savings, and require no maintenance.

Since its creation in 1975, CTRWD’s purpose has been to provide effective and efficient sanitary sewer service to their customer base and provide a solid infrastructure for environmentally sound development.  By instituting many environmentally sound principles and using technology to reduce their environmental footprint, CTRWD has worked to become a leading  environmental steward in the sewer business.

Source: Clay Township Regional Waste District
Posted: November 2012