National Climate Action Plan

On June 25, 2013, President Obama announced the administration's renewed focus to address climate change and outlined a new national climate action plan which includes a limit on carbon pollution from power plants, more renewable energy on public lands and government buildings, cutting energy waste in homes, businesses and factories, and much more.  The president also addressed the need to build smarter and more resilient infrastructure to withstand climate impacts we can no longer avoid.  To address this challenge, President Obama created the Task Force on Climate Resiliency and Preparedness to which Mayor Brainard was appointed

Obama pledged to protect the planet from irreversible climate change and called on Americans to do their part.  Expressing a sense of urgency and frustration with climate deniers, Obama asked Americans, especially young people, to raise their voice and engage their elected officials to cut carbon pollution.

On June 18, 2014, the EPA issued a proposed draft rule for existing power plants.  Nationwide, the Clean Power Plan will cut carbon pollution from the power sector 30% by 2030.  This plan is part of Section 111d of the Clean Air Act.  Read more.



National Climate Action Plan


Climate Change Impacts


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