2015 Art Contest Winners


Over 600 youth from Kindergarten to 6th grade from 15 schools, scout troops, and student clubs submitted eco-friendly artwork for the 2015 Earth Hour—Earth Day Art Contest. Thanks to students and scouts for their amazing artwork and to the teachers, parents, and girl scout leaders for working with our youth on this important environmental education program.

Winners were recognized by Mayor Brainard and Carmel Green Initiative on April 26, 2015 at the Carmel Clay Public Library.  Thanks to Beth Maier for these awesome photos!!!


Caring for Creation Exhibit at 
Orchard Park Presbyterian Church



Congrats to the art contest district finalists!



Art gives our youth a voice, empowering them to inspire others to live sustainably. Here's what the finalist said about their artwork...


Kindergarten Finalist, Sophie C. from Towne Meadow Elemtary said "I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because it helps the Earth, and trees help the Earth."


First grade finalist, Delaney M. from Carmel Elementary said, "When people see my artwork, I want them to notice that being green and recycling is important."


2nd grade finalist, Aleksa A. from Carmel Elementary said, "When I created my masterpiece, I was thinking of all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that we enjoy. I want people to notice that they should take great care of the earth."


Third grade finalist, Paxton L. from Forest Dale Recycling Club said, "I wanted to show people on way to save electricity."


Fourth grade finalist, Jordan I. from Orchard Park Elementary said, "When I created my masterpiece, I was thinking of when I saw people littering in the ocean. I want them to notice to not pollute the ocean."


Fifth grade finalist, Gracie F. from Carmel Elementary said, "I was inspired by the people around me who want a beautiful Earth. I wanted to show how much difference riding a bike makes in air quality.  Riding a bike is a simple way to make the Earth better.


Sixth grade finalist, Mackenzie M. from Creekside Middle School, said "My art is inspired by all the things we, as human beings, can do to help our environment. In each large shard of broken lightbulb holds a way we can save energy, such as use solar power, wind turbines, plant trees, and obviously, turn off unneeded electricity. Citizens can also use energy-efficient light bulbs, save water, and recycle. If we all pitched in...to help the environment, we could save energy and save the Earth."

Doing something simple can be a powerful way to show you care about the planet and upcoming generations. Here are some more ideas from our youth...








And now it’s up to us to take action. What will you do?

Many thanks to Our Partners, Sponsors and Volunteers!

Raising awareness about earth stewardship and energy conservation through art was made possible thanks to support from the greater community.

Thanks to participating schools and youth groups including Carmel Elementary, Orchard Park Elementary, Towne Meadow Elementary, College Wood Brownie Troop 914, College Wood & West Clay Daisy Troop 2019, Mohawk Trails Daisy Troop 587, Sycamore Daisy Troop 747, College Wood Girl Scout Troop 1016, Orchard Park & Forest Dale Girl Scout Troop 1119, Towne Meadow Girl Scout Troop 1247, Creekside Girl Scout Troop 2658, Orchard Park & Forest Dale Girl Scout Troop 2020, and Forest Dale Recycle Club.

Many thanks to the panel of judges Bob Shade from ArtSplash Art Gallery, Cathy Bauder from Inspire Studio Gallery, and Jordan Hill from Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation for sharing their expertise.  Thanks to Beth Maier for contributing her photography talents.

Special thanks to Monica Cannaley, Madelyn Zalon, CindyMuse who helped log, scan, design and hang the artwork in time for Earth Hour, AlphaGraphics for sponsoring the ‘green’ printing for the exhibits, Evan Lurie Gallery for being the drop-off site, and to our partner host sites: the Carmel Clay Public Library, the Monon Center, Muldoon’s in the Arts & Design District, and Whole Foods Market in Clay Terrace.

Together, we’re building a more beautiful, healthier and sustainable community.

* * *